Wall-Mount Metal Ticket Booth

Wall-Mount Metal Ticket Booth

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Our Price: $900 with Free Shipping
(satin gold finish is an additional 10%)

Optional Base Module
Our Price: $429 with Free Shipping if shipped w/Booth
(satin gold finish is an additional 10%)

Optional Curtain Photo: $231 with Free Shipping if shipped w/Booth

Unit: 31"w x 41 1/2"h x 8"d
Base: 29"w x 36"h x 4"d

Finish: Satin Gold, Satin Silver, or Black

Optional Curtain Color:
Burgundy / Emerald Green / Royal Blue
(Note: This is a photo of a curtain to simulate one, not an actual curtain)

curtain photo color


  • Easy-mount On-wall Ticket Booth
  • Removable Plexiglas Window w/Voice Hole
  • Optional curtain background image
  • Optional Base Module
  • Removable fascia for personalization with family photos or props
  • Metal and wood construction