Cinemashop EZRiser Home Theater Riser
Cinemashop EZRiser Home Theater Riser

Cinemashop EZRiser Home Theater Riser

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EZRiser - Learn how to build the best theater seating riser platform

From our many years of designing and installing great home theaters and seating products, we offer you the best tips for creating a fabulous theatrical riser platform to properly elevate rows of seating and to make the bass response in your room sound incredible - for only $100 - offering superb bass performance equal to using up to $1,000 worth of bass traps.

Use Standard Wood Construction

We show you how to use standard 2"x6" and 2"x8"' wood studs, plus plywood decking and your own carpet to create quality theater risers that are very affordable to build on site. By using 2"x6" studs, you can easily create a 6" high riser and by using 2"x8" studs, you can create 8" high risers. For multiple tier risers, simply create a large lower deck and then add a smaller upper row riser on top of it to create the upper level, or upper levels, of the platform.

Always Build as Free-Standing

We make the case for always building a free-standing wood platform. This helps insure that the riser does not sonically react to being coupled with walls, plus gives you the ability to make small positional adjustments of the platform in the room to insure that the seating has the proper placement (or "Feng Shui") in your room. Having the platform built free-standing also allows you to easily re-carpet the riser if you ever change the carpet in the room. This also allows you to remove the riser and easily "re-purpose" the room, in case you decide to locate your home theater elsewhere in your home. 

Bass Trap Option

We explain how to turn your riser into a sophisticated "bass trap" to even out the bass frequency response in your room - something people pay up to $1,000, if not more for - simply by filling the platform with affordable standard wall insulation and drilling a certain hole pattern in the top plate. This costs so little, yet really improves the sound in your room. It also makes the platform feel much more solid when you walk on it, as you don't hear your footsteps reverberate inside of the hollow platform. Also, a hollow riser becomes an unwanted speaker box in your room, adversely affecting sound, with our deadened riser design effectively eliminating this unwanted hollow airspace inside the platform.

Task Lighting Option

We explain how to easily add LED or rope lighting around the top perimeter of the riser by having your top plate extend an additional inch to 1-1/2" around the top edge, in order to have remote controllable dimmable task lighting. This also helps define where the steps are on the riser, so your guests are confident moving around in your home theater setting.

How to Order

Click the purchase button below to buy our informational package with the hole pattern included for a bass trap riser for only $100. This will give you bass performance usually achieved by up to $1,000 worth of bass traps for only $100, using some simple insulation and time drilling holes in the top plate. You will then receive our written instructions via email within a few days of ordering.There are no refunds on this purchase and this information is not to be shared with anyone other than your installer, as we are selling valuable information that we have put together from years of design and installation experience. If you have any questions about this before buying, call us at 612-243-1000, or use our contact form.

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