Broadway Movie Poster Case

Broadway Movie Poster Case

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Our Broadway Poster Case poster case is a beautiful commercial quality backlit movie poster display made in the USA. It's an authentic movie theater poster case with vintage styling and modern technology. It features a smooth, multi-dimensional build-out, in addition to the dramatic LED backlit poster area and frosted LED chaser bulbs around the perimeter. Perfect for indoor use, but outdoor applications require a waterproof version at a higher price. Best used with double sided "1-sheet" movie posters, or your own Duratrans transparency measuring either 26" x 40", or 27" x 41". Can be custom sized to fit your own media. About 2 weeks manufacturing time for Black and Satin Silver, with about 3 weeks needed for Satin Gold - plus shipping time from Florida.

Our Price in Satin Silver or Black: $2,449
Our Price in Satin Gold: $2,694

Includes Free Shipping

LED backlit with either static, or chasing frosted LED accent bulbs.

Choose from Satin Silver, Satin Gold, or Semi-gloss Black case.

Dimensions as shown: 38 3/8” X 52 ½” X 5 3/8”

Dimensions with lower Dater Panel: 
38 3/8" x 59 ¼" x 5 3/8"

Suitable for indoor use. Contact us about the waterproof outdoor version.

Includes locking door with 2 Cylinder locks with 4 keys.

Optional $150 Dater Panel includes one each: "Now Showing" and "Coming Soon" sheet

Comes "hard wire prepped" to be connected directly to the AC in your wall. Contact us if you would rather have an external power cord (not for outdoor use). We can also install a low-profile external rocker power switch for an additional $25.