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Royal Cinema Sign

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Our Royal Cinema Identity Sign is a beautiful commercial quality theater sign made in the USA.  It's the perfect home theater sign for over the entrance to your theater, with warm glowing incandescent bulbs for that classic theater feel. LED backlit CINEMA sign panel with 7 watt light bulb pattern on the bottom completes the look. 13 incandescent bulbs included with purchase. About 2 weeks manufacturing time for Black and Satin Silver, with about 3 weeks needed for Satin Gold - plus shipping time from Florida.

Our Price in Satin Silver or Black: $1,185
Our Price in Satin Gold: $1,303
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Backlit CINEMA sign panel. 13 bulbs (note: these are not "chaser" lights - they're static and always on).

  • Size: 29 ½″ w x 8″ h x 4″ d - incandescent light bulbs add 1″ height on the bottom of the sign.
  • LED backlit "CINEMA" letters
  • Made from Aluminum with Wooden Supports
  • Available in Satin Gold, Satin Silver or Semi-Gloss Black.
  • Standard AC wiring with less than 3 amp draw

Custom lettering/logo costs an additional $200. Call 612-243-1000 or contact us for details.

Hardwire is standard—power switch is not recommended. If you need a power cord, or want a power switch, please call us to confirm the special request and we will give you your options. We may have other backlit panel options other than white.

Optional Power Switch: Add $25